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Cyborg Performance Tuning: Precision-Engineered for Your Mazda


Purchase now and we will book via email/text/facebook/instagram whichever works with you to have your car come into us for tuning, if we are booked and it's raining, we will just do it another day when it's dry there's no issues there


AUCKLAND BASED - so the car needs to come to us or we can drive to your house for a fee which can be organised afterwards


Auckland: $150

Hamilton: $300


Will update more locations later!


Core Power Tuning (Formerly Stage U):

  • What is it: This tune is designed for stock to fully rebuilt and forged engines. This tuning is ideal for those who want to enhance their car's capabilities without over-stressing it, this is an excellent choice for those also wanting to run in their motor too!
  • Wide Range Compatibility: Perfect for Mazdaspeed 3 Gen1 (2007-2009), Gen2 (2009-2013), Mazdaspeed 6, Mazda CX7 Turbo, and Mazda MPV Turbo.
  • Superior Enhancement: Transforms your Mazda with a significant boost in power and torque, ensuring a thrilling drive but also keeping within the limits of the engine
  • Optimized Power Delivery: Smooth power curve up to 7000RPM, eliminating the typical factory drop-off at 5500RPM.
  • Technical Excellence: Our tuning focuses on advanced aspects like fueling, timing, VVT timing, drive-by-wire tuning, and more not just an off the shelf expereince.
  • Non-Turbo Models:  We can offer this to our non-turbo models post-2004 Mazdas, you can enjoy the enhancements of a more responsive car as well as the most popular option: Crackle Modifcation


Peak Performance Tuning (Formerly Stage C):

  • Ultimate Power: Inherits all benefits of Core Power Tuning, designed for those who demand the highest level of performance.
  • Tailored Dynamics: Custom-tuned for each specific Mazda model to maximize power and handling, especially for heavily modified vehicles or even stock cars, we will do our best to push the hardest safely
  • Technical Expertise: Advanced tuning techniques push your Mazda to its limits, taking into account engine safety.

Additional Services (Extra Cost):

  • Diagnostic Code Removals, Pressurized Smoke Test (included in compression test - LIMITED TIME), Spark Plug Replacement, Engine Compression Tests, Crackle Mod!


Book now for an unmatched Mazda performance experience with Cyborg Performance!

DirectECU Mazdaspeed Tuning (Auckland Based)

PriceFrom $500.00
Sales Tax Included
  • You DO NOT need a Cobb AccessPort to get tuned with this option

    “Stage U” tune which is an unlock tune that removes the factory limiter, allows the car to rev to 7000rpm and includes launch control, MAF Cal and more power throughout the rev range over stock.

    This tune is recommended for Mazdaspeeds that want to unlock pure power from the car that have plans to do downpipes, intercoolers, exhaust work and wastegates....this tune will allow to run all these mods safely until you get a "Stage C" Tune!

    Just make sure you don't get a new intake as that will require re-tuning

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