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NGK Iridium IX spark plugs are a high quality performance spark plug featuring an iridium tip for very consistent and stable spark.  


Iridium also has a very high melting point which keeps it functional in a high heat, high performance engine.  The Iridium IX spark plug also features special plating to resist corrosion and seizing.  


Commonly used in the Mazdaspeed 3, Mazdaspeed 6, Mazda CX-7 and other engines.  This is a one step colder plug (higher heat range) when using on the MZR DISI engine.


Irridiums will get you roughly 5000-8000kms out of a good set, if you want increased durability try our Ruthenium Plugs you'll get 8000-12,000kms!


We can gap the plugs for you, please select your options, if you're unsure, we usually go with a safe 0.64mm


Price is for a set of 4

NGK Iridium Spark Plugs x 4

PriceFrom $120.00
Sales Tax Included
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