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If you need full Custom Tuning Packages, please feel free to select from the options! We will be more than happy to tune your car from start to finish with rapid reply and tuning output!




Please make sure you have a fresh set of spark plugs installed before tuning, see our other store products!


Custom Cyborg Performance Mazdaspeed Tuning


There are a few options to choose, when you select Cyborg Performance Maps you will get 2 MAPS, High Boost and Low Boost maps, you have the opportunity to add crackle to your mapping system too, Stage 1-3 Crackle is how much intensity it is Stage 1 is more crackle and Stage 3 is bangs, Stage 2 will be a bit of both...


Please make sure you state all your modifications, very importantly the INTAKE on what model it is, don't just write "JBR 3"" please be more descriptive as this plays a huge part in tuning, please state which MAP Sensor you have as well which is located on the intake manifold if you have changed it


if you are wanting crackle maps only using the OTS MAPS + Crackle, then please state in the custom text options below what OTS Cobb Map you would like me to apply the crackle on (this would be the map you are currently using on your car and can only applied to ONE map) if you choose the combo, I will make 3 maps according to which map you are using; Example: Stage 1 + SF


Once we get all the information, we will send you a BASE Map to start off our tuning adventure, please make sure you put in your MAZ Serial in the options so I can make you your custom maps, please see the info section on how to find the MAZ Serial and MAP Sensor etc


We also have some custom-made instructions for you how to use the unit, load maps, setup the unit and log on your Cobb AccessPort


Cobb AP Information


Simple ECU flashing with adjustable live gauges and datalogging, all in one package! The in-cabin mountable Accessport V3 has a large, full color, higher resolution screen which allows you to monitor up to six parameters in real time.


MAZDASPEED Accessport V3

  • Larger, full color, higher resolution screen
  • Customizable multi-gauge display
  • In vehicle mount, with on/off switch
  • Interchangeable faceplates

Cobb AccessPort + Tuning Options (Mazdaspeed MPS)

PriceFrom $250.00
Sales Tax Included
  • Plug your AP into your car and get to the menu

    A) Starting in the main menu, scroll all the way up to "Help".
    B) In the "Help" menu, click the "About AccessPort" option.
    C) In the "About AccessPort" menu, scroll down to "Serial Number Sticker". You should find a 10 digit serial number there.

    If you have a V3, it will begin with MAZ

  • Please click HERE for a photo of where the MAP Sensor is located, this should be to the left of your intake manifold, you should be able to see the face of the MAP Sensor if you look correctly, we need all the numbers on the front of MAP Sensor


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