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Welcome to your Mazdaspeed Turbo Options Hub


Currently we use ONLY Genuine Mambatek Turbos direct from the supplier, so please be aware of copies, all turbos are INTERNALLY GATED


All turbos listed here are for the K04 Flange and Downpipe so they will be a direct fit to your downpipe and manifold (being K04 flanged that is)


All GTX Turbos SHOULD have at least an XSPower Manifold Upgrade and 3PORT Boost Controllers and at least a 3" Intake off the turbo


  • K04 Extreme Upgrade Bolt-on Turbocharger


Bolt on to fit the stock exhaust manifold and dump pipe directly without modification, this is a 350hp turbo, shift the powerband from the mid range(stock turbo) to full top end(k04 extreme) this will never out flow a large frame turbo like the GTX series but will be the best bang for buck for people wanting to get more power from their MPS without having to change their INTAKE, 3PORT, MANIFOLD etc, this is the best complete drop in and we DO recommend a tune to run this turbo


  • GTX2871R Turbo Upgrade - 3" Inlet


Take your car to the next step in your build with this GTX upgrade, the 2871R is a perfect for you if you want a VERY similar feel to the K04 but with a HUGE kick this is rated to 480hp but you may be limited to the exhuast side to get the full 480hp, you will get excellent power throughout the WHOLE rev range, we have personally used this turbo and converted it to an externally gated setup and made 260kW at the wheels @ 23psi on a fully bolted on setup, we recommened 20-22psi is the sweetspot for this turbo! Only the Mazdaspeed 6 will need the Oil Drain to be customly altered to fit using the kit provided as the transfer case gets in the way, Mazdapseed 3 you won't have any issues bolting this on, this is the most popular turbo choice for the Mazdaspeed 6 due to their 4WD system


  • GTX3071R Turbo Upgrade - 3" Inlet


Everything you read in the GTX28 is the same as the 3071 but you're going to have a slower spool (not by much) but much more top end power band, personally we like this on the Mazdaspeed 3 setups! I have this on our 2021 Mazdaspeed 3 and we are well above 260kW @ 21PSI on a fully bolted Mazdaspeed 3 


  • Extreme GTX3076R Turbo Upgrade - 3" Inlet


This is a BIG turbo, 11+0 Blade system and is made for high boost applications, the turbo setup is made for over 600hp with the right exhaust side setup but this turbo won't shine until you put more than 20psi through her! We are not saying you need to have a setup ready for 600hp, just the potential it can bring. We have had amazing responses from customers from this turbo and isn't for the faint hearted!


Shipping to you is 7days direct from supplier

Mazdaspeed Turbo Options

PriceFrom $1,900.00
Sales Tax Included
  • Compressor Wheel : 54.1 mm / 71.0 mm / Trim 58 (7+7 Billet Wheel w/ Extend Tip)
    Turbine Wheel : 47.0 mm / 53.8 mm / Trim 76

    Compressor Housing Inlet OD: 3” 
    Compressor Housing Outlet OD: 2” 
    Compressor Housing A/R: .60 (PC200-5 Twisted Type)

    1 x MAMBA ball bearing turbocharger
    1 x 4AN 1/4" PTFE oil feed line kit with 1.0mm restrictor
    2 x 4AN 5/16" PTFE coolant feed & return line kit
    1 x Oil return hose kit with NBR hose
    1 x turbine inlet gasket
    1 x turbine outlet gasket
    9 x M10x1.5mm stud kit

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