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Response TMS - Smarter Than A Dual Port BOV


Direct fit BLOW OFF VALVE or BOV with GFB TMS advantage. Patented adjustable venting bias system diverter valve


On the surface, it may look like just another dual-port blow-off valve, but the Respons is actually much more than that. Featuring GFB’s patented venting bias adjustment system, the Respons allows you to precisely control how much air vents from each of the two outlets. 


Why is this so important?


Two key reasons:

  1. Adjust how loud the blow-off sound is. Recirculate all of the air for silent factory operation, vent it all to atmosphere for maximum noise, or set it ANYWHERE in between to suit your preference.
  2. Get a blow-off sound WITHOUT causing stalling, backfiring, or any other BOV-related issues, even on a car with a sensitive airflow meter (MAF).


Hold on, it gets better. The Respons isn’t just a noise-maker. It also;

  • Offers better throttle response
  • Faster boost recovery on gearshift
  • Unlimited boost-holding!


For example, using GFB’s TMS (Turbo Management System) principle, tests show that the Respons can return the engine to peak boost up to 30% faster than a factory diverter valve when shifting gears (see photos)


See info section on Whistle Trumpet Types

Mazdapseed GFB Response TMS BOV

PriceFrom $413.10
Sales Tax Included
  • GFB Whistling Trumpet

    The ability to change the sound of a blow-off valve is increasingly becoming an important issue with buyers, who want to sound different from everyone else.

    The Low Boost Under 17PSI can be used in place of the standard trumpet on all GFB valves and will make the whistling sound more readily than the High Boost Over 17PSI (high boost and RPM is required to get the whistle from an Over 17PSI model), and at a slightly higher pitch.

    Like the High Boost Valve however, it is necessary to run the valve so that all (or most) of the air vents through the trumpet – Respons valves will typically not generate the velocity required to whistle when set to 50/50 venting.

  • Screw in plug to suit Respons, Hybrid & Deceptor Pro to block off either the Recirc Port or the Vent Port

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