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This is for the Toyota 200 KDH200 Series from 2004-2014 TURBO MOTOR


The intercooler is 10% lighter than the GT SPEC thanks to improvements in design and manufacturing


The HDi Hiace intercooler kit comes with all the hose and bracket for fitting, very easy to fit our customers did it in 1/2 hour.

It has tube and fin core.  This offers further improvements to cooling efficiency and performance compared to any intercooler brand out there!

The tube and fin core are extruded for extra strong, capable operation up to 500+ Horsepower. 

Comes with all necessary parts to fit to your vehicle   


Due to COVID shipping times can vary from 4-14 working days shipping upon purchasing depending on our stocks 

HDi Toyota Hiace 200/2211KD/2KD GT2 intercooler kit V2

Sales Tax Included
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