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Choose your addons, we offer the HDi Clamps for your boosted pipes that hold up to 450PSI of pressure with quick release for maintentance! HDi Standard clamps are high quality as well if you didn't want the PRO HDi Clamp option


HDi GT2 Intercooler is 10% lighter than the GT SPEC thanks to improvements in design and manufacturing, your Mazdaspeed has major issues with the factory intercoolers back pressure, fix this issue with this fully bolted on kit

It has a 780 x 290 x 80mm tube and fin core with 16 tube rows.  This offers further improvements to cooling efficiency and performance compared to any intercooler brand out there!

The tube and fin core are extruded for extra strong, capable operation up to 700 Horsepower. 
They also introduced an innovative patent locking nut top plate. 


This will guarantee you are getting a genuine HDi Performance Product.

Comes with all necessary parts to fit to your vehicle including the blow off valve adaptor   




Approximate Weight (kg): 5.4kg
Horsepower rating: up to 700HP
Size in mm (L x W x H): 780 x 290 x 80
Structure: Custom HDi 16 rows GT 2 traverse tube and fin
Outlet: 3"
Finishing: Please choose from POLISHED or STANDARD
Pressure drop (psi): 0.2
Flow rate CFM: More than 700+
Recommendation: Stock to Fully Bolted-on no limits


Due to COVID shipping times can vary from 4-14 working days shipping upon purchasing depending on our stocks 

HDi MPS3 Gen 1 Mazdaspeed GT2 Intercooler Kit

PriceFrom $1,250.00
Sales Tax Included
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