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We only sell the XSPower V3 - Gated Model, there is a block off plate for customers that use internal wastegate setups so it's future proofing


Cyborg Performance has added a machining to the manifold, although we have had HUGE HUGE success with these manifolds we will add a small fee to manifold options to have the faces machined




We recommened only using the GFB EX44 Wastegate if you're going for a gated setup, if you purchase with the gate we will send you instructions how to setup your gate, price for the EX44 and HPFP and some Turbo Options has been added as a SPECIAL package deal!!!!


Turbos Listed all have 3" Compressor Housings and come with Mamba Internal Gates with ALL springs you need to suit, you can lock the internal gate shut if you were to go external which is what we recommend for spool speed and boost control! All Mamba turbos in this package have K04 Flanges for Downpipe and Manifold, please message us on FB if you would like to get other turbo options!


The factory cast iron manifold has a poor flowing log design, the runners on the stock manifold are extremely out of balance, it restricts power and causes excess backpressure before the turbo! Replace it with this high flow XSPower Manifold and see power gains as well as faster turbo spool.


  • Fits factory turbo and big factory replacement turbos

(Will fit with all aftermarket top mount intercoolers and has plenty of clearance)

  • Hand built 321 Stainless Steel
  • Fully TIG welded
  • Braced with THICK flanges and piping to support the weight of the turbo (DO NOT USE FACTORY TURBO SUPPORT BRACKET)
  • 14mm Thick flange
  • 3mm Thick piping


Fits all Mazdaspeed Engines - L3-VDT - MPS 3 Gen 1-2 - MPS 6 - CX7 - MPV Turbo


Shipped direct from supplier up to 14days due to covid

Genuine XSPower V3 Exhaust Manifold - Mazdaspeed

PriceFrom $899.00
Sales Tax Included
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